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Eindverslag Endriean Rwanda


Without the help of Farmacie Mondiaal Foundation (FM) and our Rwandan contact
persons, this project would not have been successfully established.
I would like to thank the following persons who made this project possible, in particular
Richard van Slobbe from FM for arranging the locations and retrieving Rwandan
contact details.

I also want to thank my travel partners Wietske Hemminga and Merel Philippart;
Israel Bimpe, president of the Rwandan Pharmaceutical Student Association;
Adeline Kazayire, hospital pharmacist at Ruhango Hospital; Eugene Kayitesi,
hospital pharmacist at Kibogora Hospital; Serge Kamole, pharmacist at Kipharma;
Giovanni Davite and Giancarlo Davite, directors of Kipharma.

endriean verslag

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