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Eindverslag Willem Rwanda

Report of the Rwanda exchange

I am Willem Venhuizen, a recently graduated pharmacist from Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Since long I have dreamed of working as a pharmacist in developing countries to ameliorate
healthcare and now the time has come to put the theory into practice.
Therefore I went to Ghana last summer to see how Africa would treat me and I
have to say, it was amazing!
Along the way I also came into contact with Farmacie Mondiaal and applied to this exchange
project. Luckily they accepted me and I could quickly return to Africa! Now to the completely
different country that is Rwanda.
My main reasons for coming to Rwanda were to experience more of foreign pharmacy and
(hopefully) also use it as a stepping-stone for launching my career as a pharmacist working
in developing countries. I had decided to ignore the original plan for a three-weeks exchange
and extended my trip to a total of two months; from the 21th of January until the 26th of March.
These months went by like seconds and now it is time to present my report on how I have
experienced the pharmaceutical landscape in Rwanda and in which activities I have participated.
My opinion is interwoven throughout the report, so the information below cannot be considered
completely objective.

I hope you enjoy reading and if there are any comments, remarks or questions do not
hesitate to ask. My contacts are at the end.

willem verslag

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